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The Wine Cellar Book

“The Wine Cellar Book” is a software application designed to assist you in the management of your private wine cellar.  It is intended to be easy to use, with a minimum of time spent recording information on wines, purchases and consumption.  It allows you to enter additional information about your wines such as tasting notes and ratings (by e.g. Robert Parker or your local wine expert).

The information about your wines is shown in a notebook format with nine tabs showing the following information:
Wine Details, such as name, country, region, drink type, quality, supplier, producer, remarks
Vintages/Bottles, vintage, maturity information, bottle size, in which cellar you keep it
Purchases, the purchase date, quantity, price and currency, supplier of this purchase
Consumptions, the consumption date, quantity, price and remarks
Tastings, the tasting system used (e.g. Broadbent/Johnson, Parker, Matzner and others), points per sub-section, remarks
Ratings, who rated the wine and the points it was given
Images, allows you to assign images (e.g. Bottle lable) to your wine
Pairs with, shows you what recipes, ingredients or ingredient groups go well with this wine
Tags, (optional) different types are supported, including the vinochetta bottle tags
The Recipe Book

The Recipe book functionality is part of “The Wine Cellar Book” (version 2.0, Nov 2006), this allows to match not only ingredients with your wines, but also your own recipes.

The information about your recipes is shown in a notebook format with three tabs showing the following information:
Recipe Details, name, description, cooking times
Ingredient/Instructions, the list of ingredient and preparation instructions
Pairs with, shows you what wines pair with your recipe
Images, allows you to assign images (preparation steps etc) to your recipe

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