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You can get to the download page by clicking here.

”The Wine Cellar Book” is distributed as shareware, therefore the version you can download is fully functional, the only limit it has is that you can only track a maximum of 15 different wines. You may use the software for 30 days without registering.  The wine limit is obviously removed as soon as you purchase/register the product and enter your license key.

Installation instructions for downloaded version:
Go to the download page and copy the latest version of the software to your download directory on your PC.  After the download is completed select the file in your download directory and run it (e.g. double click or select “Open” from the File menu), on the first prompt select the language (English, Deutsch or Français) and follow the instructions provided by the installation program to install the software.

I hope you will enjoy the software, however if you should find anything you don’t like I would appreciate if you would send me a short e-mail.

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