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Operating Systems
Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, also supported Windows 2003, 2002
Memory (RAM):
as per Microsoft recommendation for the OS
Hard disk space:
+/- 70 MB for the program and +/- 25 MB for data which will grow with use
Screen resolution
1024 x 768 is o.k. but higher resolutions are nicer

System requirements:

Many thanks to all the persons on the different forums who helped me get to grips with Python, wxPython, Boa, SQLAlchemy, kinterbasdb, Firebird, Report Manager, very specials thanks go to Robin Dunn, Riaan Boyson, Will Sadkin, Diedrich Vorberg and David Rushby.

Tools used to create the application include:

Global Wine Stocks
Wine search
Global Wine Stocks