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vinoXML is an open standard for the exchange of wine information.  As no such standard was already in existence in late 2005, a few wine cellar book software authors collaborated on the definition of a standard.

What is vinoXML

vinoXML is an XML W3C schema defining how wine information should be formatted in a way that anyone complying with the standard will be able to read files generated using the standard.

The vinoXML standard has been released as an open standard, everyone is allowed to use it free of charge, for details please visit the vinoXML web site.

A vinoXML supporting web site will provide a file per wine to be downloaded, to be saved to a folder (for “The Wine Cellar Book” this is “C:\TheWineCellarBook\xmlImport”).  The file contains such information as the wine name, vintage, bottle size, price, tasting notes and much more.

A vinoXML supporting cellar book application will allow you to import a file provided by a web site or another user of a cellar book into your database.  It will most likely also provide an export function which allows you to export a wine from your database and share it with a friend of yours, or post it on a web site to exchange such information.

When will vinoXML be available

The vinoXML standard has been made available in the 2nd quarter of 2006 and as a co-author of the standard we have created a compatible version of The Wine Cellar Book (version 2.0, released in November 2006).

How can you help

Initially there are few supporters of this standard, so the best way to help is to promote the standard with everyone involved in the distribution of wine, such as wine related web portals and to authors of wine cellar book software.

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